Carta’ P. aka “The Obvious Wonder” who hails from the talent rich city of Mount Vernon, NY debuts with his full length solo album “A Beautiful Mess”. In collaboration with french producer Parental, the two combine to mix melodic samples, strong baselines and infectious drums in conjunction with stories about women, relationships, life as an adult, money, children and family. The combination of Parental and Carta’ P. help produce a sound very similar to the 90’s “Golden Era of Hip Hop”. The entire project was produced by Parental and written by Carta’ P. over the span of two years. The two musical juggernauts collaborated and recorded over twenty songs together. Throughout the project, you can hear the musical chemistry along with the development of the album.

Carta’ P. is part of the hip hop underground group ADAGIO! from the mid to late 90’s. A lot of the same musical influences and lyrical creativity from ADAGIO! Can be heard through this latest collaboration.

Look out for the third single "I'm Fly" which is available on all digital platforms. The album “A Beautiful Mess” is slated to be released in 2019, followed by the release of the EP “Crepes and Soul Food”.


released April 16, 2019

Executive Producers: Carta' P. & Parental

Written & Performed by: Carta' P. aka The Obvious Wonder (of Adagio!)
Published by: Obviously Hot Music (ASCAP)
Courtesy of EMO Recordings & Matic Entertainment

Track 1:
Produced by: Parental for Akromégalie Records
Recorded at Matic Studio, Bronx, NY. Engineer : Kev Fevr (of Juggaknots)
Mixed by: Parental at Akromégalie Studio, Paris
Mastered by: K-Def (K. Hansford)

Track 2:
Produced by: Kev Fevr (of Juggaknots)
Recorded at Dave Rockin' Reels Studio, Long Island, NY
Remastered by: Parental at Akromégalie Studio, Paris

Artwork : RVB


all rights reserved



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Track Name: I'm Fly
[Verse 1]
My inspiration for rap is through cats who really did shit
Conversations I heard... and learned a little bit
On how to save your money... and where to invest
New friends with new circles help you gradually progress
Moments with less stress keep you lookin’ real fresh
White teeth and a fresh line... all by design
I like nice clothes... I like ladies with drive
With multiple degrees pushin’ their own X5s
I’m selfish in my own ways... being bougie pays
I only like the fly shit nowadays
I do what I gotta do to rinse out my grays
I’m eatin’ clean seafood like tuna filets
I like goat cheese salads and tropical smoothies
Blue fur on my slips... niggas think I’m a movie
I’m usually on the low cross seas in a Peugeot
Or eatin’ squash rotolo watching classics on Bravo

[Hook] x 2
I’m selfish in my own ways
Being bougie pays... I only like the fly shit nowadays
Catch me front row chillin’ at the VMAs
Or walkin’ through the sand with something clear in my hand

[Verse 2]
I do it for tv, the green room and the gram
Red carpet affairs... dark shades to stop the stares
Catch me out in France eating crepes kinda late
With a “model chick” dimed out with the 25 year old shape
Good credit and a nice bag and of course some nice shoes
A good combination to keep me consumed
The way I move... you might make you loose a few pounds
I’m in and out... cross seas nigga... and anywhere in between
Just last week I was in Milan
Eating pasta makin’ a bond
With my wife that’s probably gonna last my life
We made plans... follow my page and you’ll understand
What “A Beautiful Mess” looks like as our brand
We got Crêpes and Soul food
To put you in the mood
Elegance with the fashion, the women and the food
I groove a little different
The way I was raised
Leather seats and nice cars all at an early age...

[Hook] x 2
I’m selfish in my own ways
Being bougie pays... I only like the fly shit nowadays
Catch me front row chillin’ at the VMAs
Or walkin’ through the sand with something clear in my hand

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