Infinite Growth

by Pete Flux & Parental

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“Infinite Growth” is an enthralling hip hop odyssey that emphatically marks the debut full length project of intercontinental duo Pete Flux & Parental. As a musical entity, the pair have matured significantly over the course of releasing several singles and an EP. Both emcee and producer have clearly been sharpening their swords to a micron edged blade tip; and this album is the manifestation of both individual and reciprocal artistic development. Parental’s beats paint a rich and varied instrumental landscape; melodic piano and guitar chords generate a serene aura like rippling alpine lakes, while heavy hitting drums stand tall like the jagged peaks of the Pyrenees. The vivid soundscape is then colored by the cascading multisyllabic rhyme schemes of Pete Flux, who deftly switches flows to complement each musical microenvironment.

The gateway to the album is opened on “Counter”, as a rolling guitar, horn stabs, and guest turntablism from Venom usher the listener to pay attention to the skills and messages about to unfold throughout the album. Immediately through “With My Kin”, Pete flashes lyrical dexterity with complex rhyme schemes and cadences to match the beat. No verbal hook needed as Parental drops haunting horns and tumbling piano keys between verses. Totally different territories of sound are explored on “Scaling” and “MDs” as Parental supplies darker beats with muddy drum patterns for Pete Flux and guest emcees Paranom and Epidemic. Pete and Parental again shift into a new realm of hip hop with the cinematic “Revenge Of The Pen” where Pete describes a dark and action packed tale backed by a fittingly vivid beat evolving with the tale. Taking things straight to your heart, Parental’s brother Lex appears on “Feel”, rapping in his native French tongue for a very introspective commentary on modern life. One of the most intriguing beats comes on “Burgermeister” as Parental constructs a jazzy rhythm around a hypnotic pick slide sample. He then completely flips things around to finish the track with a beat built around what sounds like a fly buzzing around, but is actually a sample of the last few seconds of resonance of a note played on a trumpet. “Roll Call” and “What They Need” show the duo shining and entirely at home in their own rendition of jazzy boom bap stylings. To end the album, “6:30” sees Parental again flexing his production creativity through a progressive beat driven by a hypnotic guitar riff.

The twelve tracks within this album contain enough diversity of sound to satisfy any hip hop enthusiast. Pete and Parental pay musical homage to the pioneers of the genre that came before them; but are also carving out an inimitable style of their own.

— Kamir Hiam (The Find Magazine)


released February 2, 2018

Executive Producers : Pete Flux & Parental

Written & Performed by: Pete Flux for Pete Flux Music LLC
Produced & Arranged by: Parental for Akromégalie Records
Recorded & Mixed by: Parental at Akromégalie Studio, Paris
Mastered by K-Def (K. Hansford)

Illustration by Alexandre Luu
Design and Layout by Parental
Photography by Hugo Besikian

Venom appears courtesy of Marvel Records
Paranom appears courtesy of Kingz Chamber Mediaum
Epidemic appears courtesy of Mic Theory Records
Lex (de Kalhex) appears courtesy of Akromégalie Records
Debonair P appears courtesy of Gentleman's Relief Records

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all rights reserved



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Since '08

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Track Name: Counter (cuts by Venom)
(Scratched: Venom)

Felines and females rewind for details
Keep fresh with each breath, your speech stale
Rap detests cause he bests and beat frail poets
Lunch pail holder, my man I go to work
Holy grail flow'er, I'm sure we'll die of thirst though
I curse dough, man the devil struck the first blow
Chalice overrunneth with hunnits upon hunnits
Trap ourselves, well inside the paper dungeon
Function, to consume what's redundant
Sunk into quicksand? Never give a hand out.
Twenty on the wrist and bet they help the man out
This nigga Flux wrote the stanzas that'll standout
Standard wit cha man now, candid with my damn mouth
Runnin' it, my punishment is how it's gonna pan out
Right now, but I'm here, for the long term
So get acquainted, no fear cause you're gon' learn

You could be a fan in the bleachers
Turned to man with some features
On a roll, like that
Cause this is the land of the dreamers
Got a plan for a beamer? Go ahead. Write raps.
But that’s a lot of glass ceiling
Watch you lose that feeling chasing down a mirage
Would you rather see your face? Or spend your life peeling off facades?
Track Name: With My Kin
(Verse 1)
Magic spell cast effortless
Spat it that well, can't quell the mass exodus
Left my shell, I'm swell, no longer reticent
Leave a troubadour at a loss, but not a deficit
Striking through your core is the boss, my class is evident
Permanent too, it' s tatted on my DNA
Pertinent news for these actors at the VMAs
While you snooze, my crew's doing 3-a-days
Yaaaahhhh, the flow is all drudgery
Hydrofluoric bars I discard dissolve cutlery
Sharpen your skills, not marketing deals
Shot targeted kill, I feel they can't fuck with me
Hmmmm, much practice on the bass bump
It's why you never see the captain down in a slump
Balance flat or fat stacks of cake clumps
Mmmmm… ate a rapper, that's a great lunch
I bring the loop to its knees on the regular
Bars make the god emcees keep it secular
Looking down the line then freeze, I think I'm Federer
So these niggas dread my steeze, like the Predator
Et cetera, et cetera, shine'll damage your retinas
Can't see me until sun becomes a nebula
And it's all in the facts
Winning with my kin while I'm spinning on the wax

(Verse 2)
I often go deep with a coded phrase
So keep up, Pete Flux is the sobriquet
Flow on a yo-yo, it never goes astray
Have a harsh critic harken back to olden days
When some lifers in a cypher spit a quote cray
And had some heat radiating on the coldest day
It still happens, but cameras film bill stacking
So fictitious, I'm spitting to make the ill happen
Too many lies, chosen few got the spoken truth
Too many guys, talk a mansion with an ocean view
Too many sighs, but my plan is just to soldier through
Look in my eyes, from my vantage point I'm overdue
Aaaaaaccchooooo, too sick, niggas shit deceased
I don't miss when my right brain grips the piece
Guess nobody out there read the mission brief
But I got my girl behind me like I'm from middle east
Beast. There are many words to reach your dome
Switch up the tempo to make a thesis known
Machine in mental of all the sleepless clones
Under a spell, hell, to each his own
Don't keep the real you buried deep inside
Limited time until we stare down the reaper's scythe
And it's all in the facts
Winning with my kin while I'm spinning on the wax
Track Name: Scaling [feat. Paranom (of Tragic Allies)]
(Verse 1 : Pete Flux)
This writer brings the promise of a quote
Acknowledge I admonish the demonic and their boasts
All with the rhythm of Muhammad jumping rope
Honest over notes in this world of elaborate lies
I'm the type to grab a brew with the average guy
Kick verses by the slew that I had to supply
Status is fly, won't find the cameras here
No distractions while I make sure the standard is clear
Vanish. Appear. Then we wash, rinse and repeat
Got something fresh to press and print for the street
Infinite beats, paired with an impotent speech
Yeah we've heard it all before from the simpleton fleet
My turn to be the change, a benevolent force
That penetrates the brain so you steady your course
For something better cause this journey's a trip
We've got shit to do before the gurney is flipped
Burning some piff, only if my goals are achieved
And that's how I'm living life, let it breathe
Like I'd remember all of these lines? Nigga please.
Only lots of practice could make this look like a breeze
Pulled out an atlas, I got a job, I'm overseas
Anywhere I am, I'm fulfilling all of your needs
Soldier, at ease. Respect the words of Flux and Paranom.
If our message was received, as you were. Carry on.

Few write, how they really feel
But these dudes nice, cause they're really real
Scaling new heights, climbing up the hill
With the crew like, "Nigga what's the deal?"

(Verse 2: Paranom)
Cuz ain't no thanks for the angst
The master liftin' splinters off the planks
Gettin' lifted through the ranks
Through 7 heavens sifted with a feather shank
These angles of the sun that hit my system cranked just like a Belgian franc
I'm spendin
The ending-- alpha dependent
The outcome of the present with dislexic views of love until its exit
By addiction to the pleasant
Fuck a fractioned ration
Rationality action with imaginations through a warrior's tactic
Flowin' lactic
Honeys that wanna walk in fields on promised lands
Come and kneel to the knowledge seed and see if stars is real
Come feel
The bartered skill the charter
Tradin' breath-- a martyr's never above the scribal survival spittin truth to rivals
Karma, liable
Shave down scratches on two faces then I libate
Flippin' graces-- grippin' the fireball chases
For every chore is oasis-- from rebellion is my coolest places
On mental beaches with Haitian features facin'
For delf and
Blunted-- the universally mostly wanted
Cunning the punches rollin' past to rest on peace's summits
Hummus dipped papyrus for scrumptious,
Elegant temperaments-- flickin' lighters writer's consumption let us
Breathe in the victor's crevices-- don't leech the evidence-- speech,
Impediment beseech the reach of hearin' this it's sweet..
Swishers elite-- pull gun smoke how stroke riddles
Repeatin' quotes that fashion the feat, catch the gleek that drip off the peak nigga

Track Name: What They Need
(Verse 1)
My head's heavy with words. I never sleep
I lay awake rustling hard between the sheets.
The funny thing is I'm an EP deep
And these niggas swear rhyming is the easy street.
Sick bars, got quarantined by CDC
Spit at legendary clips, call em CP3s
Whoa. That's an effortless point of reference
Most would say the country's run by the president
I say the ones not living in the present tense
To keep it real in the face of greed's prevalence
Hip hop is hard work with little recompense.
I jumped a hurdle now I gotta leap a second fence
In a row, try to take it in my stroll
Or a stride, rip a few shows to let em know
That I'm live, broadcast the tracks and get the cash
Pragmatic rap addicts the only niggas that last huh?

They want the cars and the clothes
What they need kid? Bars and the flows
They want the bitches and the stacks
What they need kid? Vision and a map

(Verse 2)
I want to scream it from a megaphone
For my nation that's overrun with severed homes
Clever poems almost ensure you're never known
Set in stone by those who'd rather break bread alone
Than share, sad state of affairs, we can't stop though
I'm mad great with these pairs and they're not bro
Killing your shit with my diligent clique
We feel that you missed, it's all fucking villas and spliffs
Militant riffs about drug dealers that lift
Heavy weight, meditate on how I'm real as it gets
When you listen to a verse about material shit
Recognize there's no lies when my miracles writ
Split, time with my peeps and the crew
Put the balance on the wax, then deliver to you
First hand, burst plans of a critical few
Give you nothing but the raw, quite the pivotal view


(Verse 3)
Not trying to change your mind, I'm telling it like it is
Even if I'm much maligned by most of the writing biz
It's such a grind, promoting the type of shiz
That discusses real life and the energy that you give
To keep pushing, the beats to keep cooking
Parental's got those, these pros indeed hook em'
With allure, bringing warmth back, like a heated cushion
Not leading bookings, but we see you looking
Developed a bond perfecting the craft
And it's, helping us on this definite path
As one of the great duos, don't want the fake kudos
Critics rate pseudos, mostly hate nouveau
Even when it's clear to see as H2O
That we're two of the best artists to breakthrough though
You know the style that'll make you believe
It's Pete Flux, giving all the people what they need

Track Name: MDs (feat. Epidemic)
(Verse 1 : Pete Flux)
Viciousness was daddy's fault, twenties on your caddy halt
Sad adults hit with flicks from verbal catapults
Moving back to padded vaults, ran away from that assault
Laser beams breaking seams, didn't think I had em' caught?
Dreams of making cream now shattered thoughts
Status naught, black on black crime, flatline your heart
Still, like my whip when I have it parked
Chill, like my clique when we at a park
Ill, what I spit when I'm rapping sharp
Kill, blood drips near this rabid shark
Mils, what I'm headed for, wetted your
Metaphors, edit or pull out the tarp
Let it pour. You should pull out the ark.
Have a rapper farce out there fishing for carp
My aim? To make a target of those missing the mark
Bars been eclipsed, pen your writtens in the dark
Magnificent from the start, the flow is hella frenetic
I shut down loops, I'm Syd telekinetic
Pulling up the ground's roots if you wanna set it
Off, quotes make you croak, my mind is lifting oaks
Try to get me with a heightened sense of super stealth
They wanna kill me cause they're frightened of my future self
Just remember with this music I'm a gamechanger
So while you make it rain, I'll be the Rainmaker

Rappers dare pretend to emcee
Think you niggas ill, my friend we MDs
Spitters in the biz pretend contently
When we let the pen bleed we tend to end the
Rappers that pretend to emcee
Think you niggas ill, my friend we MDs
Spitters in the biz pretend contently
If your flow is like ten, my nigga we ten Gs

(Verse 2 : Hex One)
There's no deflecting the unexpected respect it or get the bootleg
Hex be the next to bless it while hecklers inspect the blueprint
Parental just grabs a record to stretch it and make some music
And check it the way I wreck it shit Tekken is less abusive
You students get tutored when we shoot and uproot a frenzy
Maneuver with fluid moves that a loser would view with envy
Get suited with lucid cues that confuse you like Rubik's cubes
In the booth when my crew is spewing computers is rudimentary
A sentry detecting targets the margins get chewed eventually
A lengthy sentence when sending you bars with included entry
This human's deadlier than walking mars with a suit thats empty
Must be new to this universe as foolish as dude to tempt me
Who's the mc that kills shit quills is drill bits
Real sick gets bills but still reveals ribs
Grills kids but chills and builds with ill niggs
Then peels with the steel to fill wigs its Hex One



(Verse 3 : Tek-Nition)
Hit ya set with an army of droids
My main objective is to bomb and destroy
The bars I deploy so quick that I can spar em' with Floyd
I'm thrill seekin' you can catch a bad real beatin'
The last nigga that got it man his ass still sleeping
So back it up cuz you ain't got the right rap with these
Unbalanced maniacs treated for special psychiatric needs
Screw loose with every nut, think I can screw with every slut
Think they're obsessed with me but really I'm delusional as fuck
I panic and stress strung off loratabs and excedrin
Manic depressed who drinks sulphuric acid with medicine
Break down ya molecules, restore em' back to its elements
While sipping on rocket fuel to puke it back in a jet engine
Its never been a psycho assassin, I'm Michael Myers and Manson
That's strapped to a time bomb with fuses and wire attachments
Gas in my left hand, my right one with lighters and matches
Just waiting to blow this motherfucker to fire and ashes
That's my reaction off Vicodin tablets
What you dare me to do cuz bitch if I was you I'll be scared of me too
But that's between you and I, you rival with mic theory now that's fuckin' suicide
Do or die. Who am I? Shit... just a psycho on psychedelics
With trifling antics and plus a rifle expanded lens and a right to command it
You will need lipo and anesthetics, this knife in my hand, shit I can stifle ya glands in seconds
And slice you to fragments and send you right to the paramedics or Christ in a flash
You wouldn't like if I spaz and wreck it, your life's in my hands
I'll light you up with these pyrotechnics
Tek from Epidemic's a viral phonetic motherfucker we MDs

Track Name: Revenge Of The Pen
(Verse 1)
A czar, five stars on his epaulettes
Hypnotic charm disarms second guess
No other man stands with him neck to neck
Bullets and shards for the slightest of barbs
Soldiers view him as a mix of Midas and Mars
A deity of sorts, these are the reports
Decree issued, the speech he keeps it short
Willingly they bleed, no need to reinforce
Scorch, the earth's surface at the source
Black gold underneath, that cold underneath
Trapped soul, attack foes, control the street
Power consumed, with the pressure of the ocean deep
His men? Intense and very honored
High spirits down in the trench like Mariana
Foul posthumous stench and carried armor
Lust for the influence quenched with buried karma

(Verse 2)
Five below, twelve inches of snow
Numbers on each side decide the show
Town sees the end, coming from the hillside
Stand tall, rather than crawl and still die
Fate setting in, ending with a cold state
Severed limbs, crimson on the snowflakes
Credit win to the engine of the whole take
His dreaded grin, if you've seen it then you know hate
No prisoners, screams were vociferous
Genesis of a reign, so precipitous
There was one girl with an umbrella
Nine years old, ran away with young fella
Got the flint and potatoes up in the knapsack
Turn their backs on the carnage and peace, that's that
They journey through the forest with the pressure mounting
And through the trees, see a cabin nestled in the mountains

(Verse 3)
The boy is nineteen and nice with a scope
Or knife to your throat, trained from long range and close
On his own since the massacre, years as a scavenger
Driven by revenge, a ride with no passengers
Heading to the general's estate, shells penetrate
Skulls of three guards, and the clock reads ten to eight
For them its mate, but the king's got moves
Rook kicks the door down, king grabs the four pound
And slides, one tile to the left
Crouched in the kitchen, kid, watch your step
The scene is set, bullets start to whiz by
One caught the wrist of evil's human disguise
One to the kneecap, wasn't quick to react
Hero walks up with the barrel between his eyes
And smiles, a win almost on the scorecard
Felt a dagger in his neck, should've killed four guards

(Verse 4)
That girl is now a novelist
At age forty, her pen's more like an obelisk
Eighth story she wrote was the best
Details of a slaughter and atrocities met
By two survivors, prose had depth like scuba divers
Felt like you or I was, there when we read it
Same for the antagonist, now in his old age
He could feel the guilt after skimming a whole page
Sinning the most ways, was how he arrived
At this point, book finished, feeling hollow inside
Put a gun to his temple and a hollow inside
Catharsis for a heartsick author offered
Track Name: Feel [feat. Lex (de Kalhex)]
(Hook : Pete Flux)
My biggest fear is that I won't (feel)
Desensitized rhymes from incentivized minds
Best believe that I don't (feel)
It's how we've been conditioned
Go to work, make a living
But make sure that you don't (feel)
Get cash, rack it up
Quick fast, add it up
Man I think I've had enough

(Verse 1 : Lex de Kalhex)
La constance n'est pas une route sans virage
Quoi qu'on pense parfois le pire s'envisage
Le doute nous extirpe de toutes nos certitudes
Sans libre arbitre impossible de décrire d'autres images
Que celles que recèle l'envie constante de pouvoir
Quelqu'en soit son échelle nos pairs en restent avides
Prêts à payer le prix de l'échec peu importe le poste à pourvoir
Le schéma n'est pas aussi simple qu'un graphique
C'est pourquoi les questions raisonnent bien au-dela de nos cages thoraciques


(Verse 2 : Lex de Kalhex)
L’espoir reste intact, préservé de la lumière,
Des années et de leur impact
On se fiche de ce qui leur importe,
Se fixe comme objectif d’épuiser les formes connues,
L’effort est porteur d’énergie, cogite sur nos valeurs communes
Et le désir collectif que les normes commutent,
Pas de plan sur la comète
L’œil rivé sur les astres, on reste
Honnête ou essaye malgré les fautes
Ce qui n’a pas de prix, comme l’effet de découvrir une voie qu’omettent les autres

(Hook) x2
Track Name: Say Aye
Everything was fine, used to listen all the time
Then, all these rappers they lied
So now I'm in the booth, been scribbling the truth
Since a young nigga was yay high
Nothing left to do but kick it with the crew
And a bottle of Prosecco, stay fly
Posted in the back, we're the dopest on the tracks
If you feel em' motherfucker say aye

(Verse 1)
Class act squad with a swag that's odd
My people don't do it like them
Rappers think they gods cause they talk about the Ms
We're all gonna die so we're equal in the end
Flow is psychotic, the buzz the byproduct
Because when I jot it we ain't equal with the pen
Break. Akromegalie digging in crates
Diluting wack nigga intake
Spit that raw and my hits crack jaws
Coast in second gear, still dispatch y'all
With the ease, check the speed while your engine stalls
Flux is long gone like a ten cent call
Pause. Vienna nights, some of our best
Cause, the death of mics, people to step
Ball, that's what we'd like, but not as yet
Me and family upping the ante to get respect


(Verse 2)
Showed up at Brick 5 with the gear and the team
Soundcheck we get live, interfere with the scene
That's a no no young man, gotta rehearse
Bystanders chill and watch kid body the verse
Microphones for the squad like shotties for perps
Blast shotgun shells when we drop one well
Hit em' close range, it ain't hard to tell
That the people feel the vibes, your feet are under a spell
Smell, what the rock is cooking?
And we got you looking at the DJ booth
Cause this hard, live large with the truth
Kick bars so the tip jar's full of loot
By the end of the night, there were two dead mics
And two cops came to try to wrong all the rights
It was all good though, hell of a story point
Sipping bubbly, passing celebratory joints

Track Name: Burgermeister (cuts by Debonair P)
(Scratched: Debonair P)

(Verse 1)
Today’s the day isn’t? Pays to play different
Tunes than all the loons forsaking the great privilege
Of kicking that live, not pushing some lie
We take to the skies to breathe that new air
And see it from the eyes of those that moved there
Rarely the key from an airbnb
Leads the pair P&P to people who care
New vinyl at the shops, hops and street fare
But that’s the case, and not the one they gave Snoop
I’m outside the store bumping A grade loops
With the troops, got Parental throwing oops
No choice but to finish to show em’ it’s not a fluke
Used to be the front, now we come through the back
Shake hands, make plans, have a wonderful chat
With like minded artists, might find us in a lab soon
For now its beer, sunshine, and a jazz tune

(Scratched: Debonair P)

(Verse 2)
Head nodding by the back wall, mumbling words
Hope I never get cat calls or stumble on verbs
So I gotta get it right, heart pumps cold as ice
Focus on flow state, my fate to roll the dice
Such is life but the faction is strong
Akromegalie fam got my back in a storm
Form, on rare status, the flair to share magical
Pairs prepared cause the patrons to stare at us
That's the baddest when you're up on stage
Endurance to spit fire for a month long blaze
Phased? Never that with the room on board
See it's all about respect and this dude gets more
Sure, of my skill, they respond in kind
With a love so real, swear it's God's design
It's, a long grind, takes time to start to let em' know
Fans are scattered like islands in archipelagos
Dead the shows so their memories forged
Of the warmth from my microphone energy source
Plenty endorse the style cause we rep to the max
If you're having any doubts, check the sweat on my back
Jack, one hundred percent, fun and suspense
If you downplay the flow, you should run or repent
None are exempt, from all the wrath of these scriptures
But my set's over, so pass the free liquor

Pete Flux coming right on in
Turn me up real loud, put the lights on dim
Got a hip hop crowd getting hype off gin
Add Parental and you could bet your life on them
Killing this real swift, with the mic or spins
Turn us up real loud, put the lights on dim
Got a hip hop crowd getting hype off gin
Cause we always hold you down like a lifelong friend
Track Name: Roll Call
(Verse 1)
I'm the definition of a late bloomer
Innate humor with a brain that could trade futures
Rappers spray sewers so I keep the lakes bluer
If I was from the slums I could've been great sooner
Studying lost tapes while fakes create rumors
Fear shot me down like my body had eight tumors
Or a state trooper interrogating this black man
I make goobers preparing patrons to act and
Then I'm out, each verse is gaining clout
Gone are all the doubts, my partner will make ya bounce
Copious amounts of perfect techniques
And we sell em' by the ounce over slept on beats

You could feel the rays through the snowfall
Yeah I wasn't paid, but what you saw was pro ball
Love is how it's made, stayed just to show y'all
We make the grade, hands raised for the roll call

(Verse 2)
So what's the word? Heads feeling the verve
Thank you for the blurbs, it is a pleasure to serve
Nobles and proletariats know I'm flowing the scariest
Comatose the nefarious talking that throne and chariot
Weaving through cones and various obstacles in the area
Homie the more the merrier, mentally getting swoll
Other dudes use money as a subterfuge
Compare the lines, ten out of nine they fucking lose
Befuddled noobs only came for a couple jewels
Watch, chain, fame and a busty muse
Bust a move, I dance all over drum kits
You know the stance, my rants will leave you sun kissed

We're built to last dawg, sticking to the task
Evolving on our own, nobody will have to ask (x2)


(Verse 3)
Rhythm is in my blood regardless of how the drama gets
Fond of this, much more than a blond to kiss
To say emcees aren't poets is a common myth
One day your professor might cover me in honors lit
Kind of sick, a paradox like somber bliss
I'm only human, it's in my nature to contradict
A sonic lift brought to you by the twosome
It consists of my musings and a few puns
About the age, one percent of us paid
They're robbing what you save and then using it to boost funds
It's nothing new man, I'll always have my views shunned
The thing with Gekkos is they'll always be a new one

Track Name: Landmarks
(Verse 1)
Scurry for the cash
Twenty fifth bitch, Burberry on the bag
Not signing up for that, Luda had the motherfuckin' diamond in the back
Flux and Parental got a different kind of swag
Chilling in the lab, niggas didn't really know I spit it that fast
This is a demonstration, by a penning sensation
That was ending complacency, with a vengeance
While you fenced in, doing motherfuckin' sentences for an agency
I'm a symbol, over cymbals
I'm the tempurpedic of the niggas slept on
Not to be conceited but you niggas Revlon
That's bitch made. I'm dismayed
At the niggas that's trash, I'm whipping that ass
They screaming nothing back but "Get paid."
Flow pristine, bars are inside of the Sistine
Chapel, you scarred when I get mean
Baffled, when the god steady building
Castles, with nothing but the ill team
Scaffolds, and raw material, y'all need miracle
Thinking that you fucking with the nigga Pete Flux
And that shit is hysterical

Dudes that think they're nicer than me, y'all some funny niggas
I kick the philosophy, you spit them bumper stickers
And that's ok for a fee, but I can make a difference
I'm overseas doing me, now you can fuckin' witness
I've been building, I've been building some landmarks
Structure's sound, up and down, it's the man's art
They've been setting, they've been setting some land mines
Public stepping right on one every damn time

(Verse 2)
Sorry for the brash
Delivery, people ain't hearing me right
Try to be modest, won't make a deposit but the villainy might
So silly this life, pity our plight
As artists, bars writ are nothing but catharsis
After bar tips and a harsh bombardment by the darkness
It makes us targets like a partridge in London town and dodging cartridges
From huntsmen trying to put you in a meal with a parsnip
For their enterprise, warp speed, fly by in a sci-fi starship
Tryna beam you up, but they're more like the Borg
Can't assimilate me, I eliminate the
Threat with the best of the vets, consider my flows as weps
Explosives kept disintegrate cubes
In a minute they lose cause I innovate new
Techniques every sentence I use, let's speak
On the rest of these niggas, probably be the best of the pitchers
Striking out all the time, throwing no hitters
Get it? But capitalism is like "Fuck you. Roll with it."

Track Name: 6:30
(Verse 1)
Before we bid adieu, we’ve got this one left
And there is, not a surgeon with a touch this deft
So let me, break it down, get my tools, dissect
And I can send my message to your brain direct
We slang from the condo and bang like the Congo
And never give a fuck about a Jane or a John Doe
Idolize an image from a privatized prison
And make, sure, to never ask, “Why am I living…”
“Like this?” “What did I miss?” or “What about the children?”
Whole lotta bullshit, it's really hard to relax
Love for the green, but not the kind in buddha sacks
Death to democracy, long live the plutocrat

Lecture going on, hands down
Moral compass in the lost and found
Will the cops let us keep our hands down?
Every week on the news, man down
Trekking through the dry heat, sand mounds
If I see God, I’m praying hands down
Hip hop over rap, hands down
Till we all lie flat with our hands down

(Verse 2)
I heard a man got shot
He was black, 5'9, and he loved hip hop
See the only difference was that he grew up on the block
And he had his life ended at a routine stop
By some no smiling, profiling ass cops
Got acquitted in a minute, all their charges dropped
I heard, I heard man got shot
He was black, 5'9, and he loved hip hop
See the only difference was that he chose to enlist
So he couldn't chase the dream of putting flows on a disc
Took his helicopter down, the explosion was swift
Watch em' keep the war going like he's not even missed


(Verse 3)
I can't say I had a vision or two
Tough to trust what you can't see delivering you
From life's evils, straight to the canvas and easel
Put an amp on the answer to grandiose and regal
And that's a statement intended for the most high
I was in the basement, rhyming till my throat's dry
You don't know you, until you go try
That's why I'm hip hop, hip hop is no lie


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