Traveling Thought

by Pete Flux & Parental



The transatlantic collaboration between emcee Pete Flux and producer Parental has taken their music to a new level on their first full EP Traveling Thought. Right from the get go, the twinkling keys and adamantine kick drums on the opening track Science set the tone for a strong 90s boom bap throwback experience.
While the sonic stylings are most reminiscent of hip hop's golden era, the beats and raps never sound remotely dated. Parental's production edges more towards pristine cleanliness than guttural grime, yet he maintains raw 90s flavour through the timbre and layering of jazzy samples. As for the rhymes, Pete Flux flows over the instrumentals like a cloud front over mountains. Flux artfully juggles cadences to match and accentuate the rhythmic patterns of Parental's beats on top of dropping countless quotables that get stuck in your head for days.
Dope from the first listen, the EP only gets better with replay as the cleverness of the lyricism and the depth of the instrumentals sinks in. Warming Up is an infectiously catchy stand out track with Pete Flux on a particularly dextrous verbal attack over sublime drums juxtaposed with a reverberating guitar sample. A real sense of honesty and passion is felt throughout the project, perhaps exemplified most with True To Your Art featuring Kalhex. A direct ode to the art of music, Le Makizar and Lex join Pete Flux to bless the mic en français, reaching deep into their souls to portray their personal perspectives on hip hop.
Closing out the record is Illness, featuring Rob-O of the legendary InI, a cut that wouldn't sound out of place if it was released in '95. Sleeping on this duo is strictly forbidden, so ingest mad stimulants, keep this EP on the turntable, and look out for the next chapter of the lethal connection.

—Kamir Hiam (The Find Magazine)


released April 1, 2014

Written & Performed by Pete Flux for Pete Flux Music LLC
Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Parental at Akromégalie Studio, Paris
Mastered by K-Def (K. Handsford)

Venom appears courtesy of Marvel Records.
Kalhex appears courtesy of Akromégalie Records.
Rob-O appears courtesy of Rhyme Pro Publishing.

Artwork by Parental


all rights reserved



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Indie Hip-Hop Label

Since '08

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Track Name: Science (cuts by Venom)
This is the scientific extra-prolific terrific
Mystic simplistic metaphysic, no gimmick type lyric

I'm a giant ball of energy, messing up your sensory perception
With superior depth in memory
Didn't have to go to med school at Emory
To know that you fools can't fuck up our team chemistry
Killing emcees and showing em no empathy
You're seeing the team operating at max entropy
And we'll continue to do so
It's proven that you slow
Don't matter who you know
Got you coppin' son like David Caruso
Expecting all the crazy hate cause my bars radiate
We keep going back and forth like a great debate
But on the same team shitting on your lame dreams
With as many flows as the genome's genes
That totals bout twenty thousand
Your women, we just aroused em
You niggas have just been outdone
Our figures more than a thousand
You losing so is the outcome
We're not the type to be outrun
Roadrunner times two on rhyme crews
Hip hop hero, you absolute zero
Fuck do you tell them niggas that are hellbent?
Spitting flows so hot they're measured in Kelvin
How do I do it so easy?
Channel legends up in heaven, then I repeat
Not an ankle in this, wait till I get knee deep
Pete Flux and Parental, welcome to the EP

Prepare to witness an incredible alliance!
We long range and you short like an appliance
Why they into us? Probably the defiance
I don't know, we ain't Incubus yo, it's just science!

It's just science (x2)

Prepare to witness an incredible alliance!
We long range and you short like an appliance
Why they into us? Probably the defiance
I don't know, we ain't Incubus yo, it's just science!

It's just science (x2)
Nigga it's just science
Track Name: The Calm
[Verse 1:]
Mama said there'll be beats like this
So ya boy knock em dead, then I'll rewrite his
Tory, get the glory with the green light lit
From Kalhex, flow break necks
Of people that they've met
Not feeble what we rep while killing instrumentals
Vocals overseas to Paris and Parental
Get the ball rolling, leaving em all open
If the beat had a face, the shit would be all swollen
My punches come in bunches and I'm eating niggas lunches
With the bars made of tungsten cause the shit is just my function
Didn't understand? I'll lower the speed
Flowing with ease cause I know what you need
Positive vibes that'll go with cha weed
No need to hold it in, you've been told you can breathe
So go and exhale while a nigga set sail
Got my rhymes on lock and I haven't set bail

Hip hop lives, I coulda sworn!
I've been waiting for this since I was born
Now my entity is formed
And this is the calm before the storm (x2)

[Verse 2:]
Building from the bottom and no sight of the top
But I think that I'm a problem and I might have a shot
Of getting to that paper, own my forty acres
Inhale the vapors, never feeling greater
Sadly not my current situation
Deterrents I am facing, watch the burning of my nation
Mind blurs on occasion, what I'm burning is amazing
I digress, I sigh less with this heart in my chest
It's pumping, beat bumping, this shit is what I rep
Watch me straighten out the joint just like a tricep
Then I move along, another groovy song
I'm rookie of the year until I'm proven wrong
Careful with my crumbs, live with no regrets
My competition's all thumbs like they over text
Keep smiling everyday cause I know I'm blessed
Proving it's a must to add Flux to your rolodex


Make your luck, when times are tough
We grind enough, we climbing up (x2)

[Verse 3:]
Was a jack of all trades, but a master of none
In my basketball days I was rapping for fun
Now I'm scheming always and I'm passive to some
Cause I'm chilling all blazed tryna stack up the funds
From the tracks getting made while I battle my lungs
And this is not a phase, so I grapple the rungs
On the ladder to success, isn't in my clutch yet
Bars make you wobble like you listening to dub step
Move, while I'm spitting to the rhythm
Every time it's fresh when I bless, it's a given
I gotta blow up and that's word to my mom
For now, let's experience the calm

Track Name: Success
Don't fail, fail
Ain't nobody tryna do that
Don't fail, fail
Let's continue making moves black
Don't fail, fail
I guarantee we don't do that
Don't fail, fail
Hands up in the air for the new cat!

[Verse 1:]
I flick the switch on, now I've written sick song
One crack at bat, I swing and it's gone
My raps and tracks are never split long
All because the high you'll get from this song
Is the inhaled smoke ripped from six bongs
All at the same time, a crime I'm this strong
Like attractions dudes have for Ms. Wrong
And the attitudes of the mainstream
About the the avenues used to get to your dreams
That we aspire to, with crew on the scene
I'm tryna get these words moving, moving
My competition want my movement losing
But that don't matter cause I'm proving music
Is still alive in the genre
I'ma spit a single full of double entendres
Triple up the money then I'll focus on the commas
If rap had a school, I'da graduated honors
Rare as a nazi that celebrates Kwanzaa
Rare as a Ferrari traded in for a Honda
Bonkers, send over a beat and I will conquer
When I choose to dip I wanna be missed
My eternal sunshine will leave a rapper crying
Heard your boy spit, they forgot he exists
Erased from the mind with unstoppable hits


[Verse 2:]
Kyrie Irving when I be serving
Straight out the gate, I'm an ace with the wording
Pretty fly state in my twenty five eight
My flow is outer space. What's the fate of an earthling?
Dunzo. I'm just being frank up front
Kinda like a hundo, my bars never run low
Me on the beat, NRA at a gun show
Analogous, been set my metaphors to gung ho
Meaning I'm dedicated
Poetry elevated, this murder pre-meditated
They heard it then imitated all the ways that I said it
I'm killin' em so Parental aided and abetted
My cadence and my message got em taking anesthetics
Bringing too much pain and my crew sustained
Making up all these records in a ruthless game
I'm assuming it's the same, I'm prepared for the worst
Saw a rapper slain over there in a hearse
He was pressured to be something that he wasn't
His career is now buried in the dirt
And his words still mean nothing
Not a cautionary tale, but that is how you fail
If you can't see that, you need to learn Braille
And feel how the beat bumps, word to Andre 3K
Tryna keep lyricism alive down in the A
Track Name: Right Here
[Verse 1:]
Reflecting on my life, I often think about the solitude
An only child, now a writer tryna follow through
Gotta keep the bars tighter, people tryna follow dude
So I'm pulling all nighters, rhymes made to bottle moods
Of the populous, small towns, metropolis
All down for stopping this manmade apocalypse
Steadily approaching, forget the Mayan calendar
We need to chop it up like an Iron Chef challenger
Cause there's too much heat in the kitchen
Economies collapse every time I write a rap
It seems, cash is deemed the God of all living
So how do people think? "I'm not sharing my shit."
Need a paradigm shift from this era's fine gifts
Of selfishness and vanity
How can it be that selflessness
Rarely found under the canopy and helplessness
Is what most people feel?
Someone tell me what's the deal, we're all disconnected
If it doesn't matter then it's probably respected
Check it, and let cha head nod to the record
Right here in ya ear, if this world you wanna leave
For a second, left it and came back refreshed
Don't forget it, that's the method for coping with the mess
The problems of the world are so intricate
And like you, I'm just tryna make some sense of it

The world is a lonely place
But I'm right here wit cha, right here wit cha
I learn from my own mistakes
So I'm right here wit cha, right here wit cha
In the deserts and the frozen lakes
Yea I'm right there wit cha, right there wit cha
Can't calm the nerves or you couldn't find the words?
Let me paint that picture, paint that picture

[Verse 2:]
My prior hustle was contingent on a work ethic
Stacking chips, taking yours wasn't worth repping
Preying on the weak, wolf slaying on the sheep
Every, day of the week with fourteen hour grinds
Of course was tryna shine, in boxer shorts confined
In isolation more than Kobe and Wade combined
The end result was a moderate gain
Not the opulent range that was the popular aim
Of the deep competition, playing the cards dealt
Crashing hard on the felt, forced into submission
Often the tale told of numerous failed pros
It's a dirty game like mining for shale gas
My most money hungry, appetite it fell fast
Hard to digest if you're swallowing stale cash
So the players throw it up, continue the roll of luck
And stay content with the fact that they'll never know enough
Mannnnnnn, I feel in touch with all the loneliness
I've been blessed so I feel at least I owe you this
A little piece of me for those receiving peaceably
I know luck is never distributed equally
But I'm here and so are you
It appears there's nothing new
The problems of the world are so intricate
And like you, I'm just tryna make some sense of it

[Hook] x2
Track Name: The Why (feat. Jonnae Thompson)
[Verse 1:]
It was all so simple
What did I get myself into?
Writing all these poems, thought nobody would take notice
Now they're saying to keep going and to maintain the focus
Beats so lovely, mind so trusty
When given time to operate, please don't rush me
Commandeer a style to engineer a smile
On your face, replace all the sadness for awhile
If you're down, if not then you're in a better state
Than you were before, this is at the core
Of why I make this music, not to get a new whip
Hey Jonnae, yo tell em why we do this

We put our soul in this
But will they ever know?
I guess that time will surely tell
It is our goal to lift
Your spirits sevenfold
A minor respite from this hell

[Verse 2:]
I'm flying out to Paris as I pen this jam
With a new Macbook and a HD cam
Corder, the sorta rapper that invests in the plan
When blessed with the grands to make a move and build with the fam
As chill as I am, I'm so hype to kill it
Worldwide flow, where all types can feel it
So we take the time to do this right
Get the youtube views with a few dislikes
Cause there's always a hater so I'm calling in a favor
From my hip hop heads to support our given nature
Rhythmic and eloquent, mystic but heaven sent
Wise and living long in the sun like elephants


[Verse 3:]
I took a leap of faith that some would dig the verses
Wanna be a great and rap for bigger purses
If we increase the stakes there is a greater purpose
The money and the fame is nothing if you're feeling worthless
Feel the tide rising, seconds from skydiving
Is how I would equate this foray into high rhyming
Not a guy signing, I'm the high flying
Bruce Wayne when he's walking through applied science
Looking for the newest stock, Parental playing Lucius Fox
In this game, the best players always get the fewest shots
This has to reverse along with thinking me first
So I'm exercising my right to be heard

Gentle grooves
They soothe your blues
How can we lose?
It's not what we choose

Track Name: Warming Up (cuts by DJ LOD)
[Verse 1:]
Somewhat of a neophyte, make you niggas see the light
Cause I spit that real life, competition stunting
Don’t let me even see a mic a night I got my breathing right
I’m always eating right when I’m competition hunting
You calling me a purist? I’m calling you a tourist
That don’t belong here, even if your song clear
My flow is the surest, yours considered porous
Bars had a shortage, and fell in the wrong ears
Mine, nigga I can’t listen to the garbage
Calling people haters when your shit is just the farthest
From dope, doesn’t matter if you have ten cars and a boat
And a model getting lathered with a bar of a soap
Purchased from a store that a nigga can’t approach
Who the fuck cares? You can’t even hit snares
So many styles, I got ya crew swarmed up
Corny niggas I’m just getting warmed up


[Verse 2:]
Started in 06', ever since been focused
Parental with his prints all over an opus
Le Makizar and Lex in ya deck is so sick
Put it all together and the opposition’s hopeless
Composition dopest in the French dialect
No weak links in the entire set
So me thinks that an empire’s next
Cause Parental got the beats that’ll inspire vets
Yep. Middle fingers to the jealous
You fellas need to sit your ass down like a cellist
They tried to unite, people weren’t on board
Continued to write, always searching for more
Haters are trife, cause their vision is poor
The way of this life, time to settle the score
He sent over beats, now they’re getting torn up
Parental he just getting warmed up


[Verse 3:]
Rose from my bed, the words followed after
Asked my nigga Will if the bars were a laugher
He was like, “Nah nigga that shit’s ill.
I’ma let my homie Tommy hear you spit for real.”
I got a couple beats, crafted the lyrics
Told em I was done, he was asking to hear it
Heard me kick a rap, on the spot made a pact
We would post a bundle of some wonderful tracks
We’re doing just that, offshoot was an email
Short, to the point, with very little detail
Guess who it was? He said the flow was crazy
Rob-O, Grap Luva who he worked with lately
I was like “Damn, that’s kind of a big deal.”
Ever since, been working and keeping it even keel
Fans say the beats and the bars are tough
To our style, I think they’re warming up

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